Video Game Strategy: Camping, Trapping, and Patrolling

Kill enough players in an online video game deathmatch and eventually you’re going to gets messages from that one guy who just kept running into your bullets. There’s a chance he’s going to accuse you of “camping.” Whether you are using an X-Box 360, PS3 or other device on which online video games allow you to speak to other people via headsets, you’ll probably here someone mention “camping” at least once a round. Video game veterans are familiar with what this term means already I am sure. Basically you are being accused of parking your video game character in a single hiding spot on the battle map and not moving from said spot: ever. However, a great percentage of the time the frustrated loser of the game is throwing out “camping” accusations without merit. Here is how “camping” can be expanded by definition in a way that goes to show that the camper that killed you might not have been camping at all.
First off, a camper shouldn’t be something to complain about. If an individual is camping within the video game map, chances are you have figured out where he is and what he is doing. Therefore, logically, you should be able to thwart his attempts to kill you and kill him first. Camping is generally a limited time activity that results in death soon after you’ve killed your first person, because revenge is the name of the game. Depending on the video game, be it an incarnation of Halo or Call Of Duty, a camper may have such a tight hidey-hole that he is actually able to kill you a couple more times upon your return for revenge. If this strategy works for him, then I guess it’s your own fault you keep getting killed by the camper. Perhaps twice is excusable if you were not able to determine exactly where he was, but enough times to frustrate you and for him to actually have the upper-hand: shameful indeed.

A camper will sometimes become a “trapper.” This is actually a sign of intelligence and not just camping, in fact, a camper who traps is not a camper trapping, but rather just a “trapper.” It can be fun! What a trapper will do is squat in a hiding spot, perhaps one already well known to the video gaming community as a favorite of campers. He will shoot a player and then anticipate that the player is going to return for some revenge against the camper. However, seeing as he is a trapper and not a camper, the trapper is not in that same spot when the victim returns. Instead, the trapper has moved slightly to a new spot, within sight of the original spot. So, when the victim returns to erase the camper he finds himself attacking a camper-less area and once again in the trapper’s sights. Blam: death number two. A good trapper can use the same small area of a video game map for many kills before his luck runs out. He can just keep rotating around from corner to corner lying in wait. However, if he keeps on cycling around he may no longer even be trapping, but “patrolling.”

Patrolling is another thing that may be misconceived as camping. Someone on patrol may stay in a certain area of a map, perhaps a solitary building, or they may branch out even further. When you play online shooter games such as Modern Warfare 2, after so many games you get a rhythm. Eventually you will start working the maps in a pattern that has been successful for you in the past. Patrolling a smaller section of map, let’s use the example of being in a single building, means you keep moving, but only within that section. If you are in a building, perhaps you keep moving from window to window to door, checking for bad guys as they may approach. If you are able to kill the same opponent several times he will register that this keeps happening at the same building and then call you a camper.

Well, there’s some food for thought when thinking online video game strategy or if you are the type to quickly label people as “campers.” If you let your mind leave the realm of video games for a second and think about how the real life situations of such gunfight scenarios would play out (space laser crazy guns excluded), you might realize that the team holing up in one spot for fortification and not moving is actually playing that for strength, not because they are sissy campers. Of course if both teams were to just park themselves on opposite sides of the map and wait for the other, nothing would happen. Darn campers.

Wedding Themed Video Games

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to plan a wedding, or felt the urge to travel back into time to re-plan yours, a wedding day video game may be something you’d enjoy. The virtual world has opened new doors for brides-to-be, and “brides-that-have-been” in fun video games themed around all the fun aspects of planning a wedding. Wedding day video games allow players to do everything a typical bride and groom would get to do. Some wedding day video games allow users to select the wedding rings and wedding attire, decide on a location, pick out flowers, and much, much more. Other wedding day video games put users in the position of wedding planner, putting all the responsibilities of the big day in YOUR hands, but in a fun and exciting way. Here’s a fun list of wedding day video games that will inspire new ideas and bring back happy memories.
Wedding Dash

Wedding Dash is a wedding themed video game that is available on CD-Rom or computer download. You can play a portion of Wedding Dash for free on gaming websites, such as Shockwave. This video game is suitable for all ages and is a time-management game. Users select from two separate modes of play; Career or Endless Reception.

In Career mode, you play the part of the wedding planner. A brief description of the couple appears on the screen, indicating their preferences. From that brief description, you’ll have to make three quick decisions for the wedding, which may include food for the reception. Honeymoon location, wedding flowers, etc.

The remainder of the game centers around the wedding reception, where you seat the wedding guests, serve the food, deliver wedding gifts, comfort crying guests, and more.

In the Endless Reception mode of Wedding Dash, the game is more fast paced and is entirely centered around the reception portion of “Career mode”. Keep the guests happy, and try to avoid allowing the bride turn into “bridezilla”, where she turns a shade of green and steam comes rolling out of ears. (Actually, a pretty funny sight)

My Fantasy Wedding

My Fantasy Wedding is a wedding themed video game that is available on CD-Rom or computer download. In this video game, players make decision in every aspect of the wedding. Select the tuxedos for groom and groomsmen, dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, and even select and decorate the wedding cake! Other fun decision-making aspects include selecting the location for the wedding, deciding which music to play on the big day, and in this game, players also get to create a beautiful wedding poem.

My Fantasy Wedding is a great game for young girls. Take photos throughout the virtual wedding ceremony, and then place them in the “album”, or print them right off your computer so that you can relive those happy memories of this fun wedding themed video game!

Imagine Wedding Designer

Imagine Wedding Designer is a fun filled wedding themed video game for Nintendo DS. In this game, players get to assume the role of Wedding Planner, and are assigned the responsibility of making all the important choices for the wedding day. There are a total of six brides that players work up to, in a series of different levels throughout the game. After everything from the wedding invitation, location of the wedding, clothing and hair, music, etc., have been selected, the wedding will play out with all the choices the player has selected. Will the wedding be a success, or a flop? If the outcome is favorable, new options will be unlocked such as new wedding dresses, flowers, music, etc., that can be used in future games.

Imagine Wedding Designer also allows players to take virtual pictures of the wedding ceremony, and keep them or print them out. The graphics aren’t the best, but this would make a fun wedding video game for children that own the Nintendo DS gaming system.

Dream Day Wedding

Dream Day Wedding is available on CD-Rom, or computer download. This wedding themed video game is entirely different from the others listed here, as there is absolutely no wedding planning involved. This game is actually a Seek amp; Find adventure that has users hunting for items the bride has requested. The items that have to be located actually have nothing to do with a wedding, and can include everything from chocolate, to a hatchet. Hmmm…. What makes Dream Day Wedding included in the wedding category, is that the pretense of the game goes like this:

You are a friend of Jenny’s, the bride, and she has you driving from location to location (a total of 12) in search of all her hidden wedding items. (a hatchet?) You’ll visit locations such as florists, dress shops, jewelry stores, etc., and search for various items while you are there. Find all 50 hidden bluebirds of happiness and earn special anniversary surprises.

If you are looking for a true wedding themed video game, Dream Day Wedding is really not it. It is, however, a fun “search and find” video game that girls and women of all ages may enjoy.

If you are looking to purchase any of these wedding video games, most can be found at any department store, gaming store, or even online on websites like For computer downloads, Shockwave.comoffers dependable service and sometimes even free trial downloads.


Personal knowledge amp; experience

Game Review – Race Drivin (SNES)

O THQ, what happened to thou with this game? Race Drivin is a game developed by Atari and produced by THQ for a ton of platforms, not limited to but including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While this game was great in concept, its execution is just… nasty.
Race Drivin doesn’t have a plot or storyline. You, as the player, simply drive around or race depending on the “mode” you choose. The game offers multiplayer (though you must take turns) as well as a stunt mode and a practice lap mode. In stunt mode, you drive your car over giant loop-the-loops and hit large airborn jumps. This is all rather pointless, however, since if you do any of it too quickly, you crash. Moreover, the race mode isn’t much of a race at all; the game is coded so badly that you can go backward and beat the computer by crossing the start line before he crosses the finish line. How ridiculous!

The graphics in Race Drivin are laughable. While admittedly this is the Super NES, other games have much better graphics simply because they don’t try so hard to provide something they can’t on a platform that isn’t capable of providing it. As a 3D racing game, Race Drivin was much too early for its time, and the technology simply wasn’t up-to-speed for a game of this nature to be produced in any good way. That aside, they could have done much better than they did, and they certainly dropped the ball with any real attempt at a game rather than a simulation and a test of the SNES graphical capabilities.

There’s no music in this game apart from generic rock and a 15-second-interval techno beat repeating ad infinitum. The only other sound theme is located at places like the title screen and the vehicle selection screen (of which there are only three, by the way, as well as only three tracks). This game definitely is not a game at all-it’s a simulation. If it was a game, it would have music! The sound effects in the game are iffy, as well-all but a basic “engine revving” sound, as well as some corny crash noises. Otherwise: nada.

The learning curve in Race Drivin is laughable. The only thing I had trouble adjusting to was the terrible viewing radius given to you by the in-game limited windshield. Since your dash is plastered onto 50% of the viewable screen, you’ll be hard-pressed to actually play the game without sitting with your eyeballs three feet from the TV.

In closing, Race Drivin is not a game; it is a simulation. It is simply a test of the SNES graphical capabilities that was branded and released as a game on a number of systems. It received terrible reviews and almost no success after the initial hype was not lived up to, and I definitely agree with everything I’ve ever read about it-overall, Race Drivin is a flat-out worthless game. I’m not even going to bother rating this one.

Add The Required Resources In Clash Royale

The new clash royale hack lets you to acquire your desired resources effortlessly. You will search for the right hack tool in the internet by spending your time and efforts. Using this sort of tool, you can observe lots of miracles that may happen in your game. It is probable to download the cheat tool within few clicks. Downloading the hack software only takes few minutes and so you will get lots of resources for your desired game. It is really a great option for clash royale fans and so you should not miss this kind of opportunity in any case. The Clash Royale cheats will generate gems and gold in matter of minutes. You will be happy and delighted to make use of this tool as because of its ease. If you click the download button, you will get the long required resources in a short instance.

Add required resources

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Boost the game at no cost

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Game Review: Mario Party 8

Released just a few days ago on May 30, 2007, Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii was a match made in heaven. Mario Party for the Nintendo 64 seems to have just been waiting for an opportunity for the Wii’s motion sensing controls. This game is absolutely amazing. Led by two wacky characters, your carnival experience is full of unlockables, new control schemes, new mini-games, and more fun than you can handle.
With almost all Wii-owners looking forward to the game, it was an absolute smash-hit as soon as it released. It has the same board-game feel as the previous Mario Party games. However, it has incorporated some new styles of boards, like a “real-estate” board. For example, you put coins that are earned elsewhere into hotels. The person with the most coins invested can earn the star for that hotel. Once a certain number of coins are invested, it can grow into a two- and three-star hotel. In the same fashion as the old Mario Party series, mini-games are played after every turn.

Next, there is another type of game, called “Star Battle.” In this mode, you must take one character and play a dueling style game against 1 opponent at a time. This goes on for 6 boards, and then you can unlock new characters.

Another different feature or Mario Party 8 is the introduction of “Carnival Cards.” You earn cards for just about everything you do. In turn, you can spend these at the “Fun Bazaar” to buy new unlockables, or the right to play certain mini-games in the mini-game tent.

The mini-games are somewhat new. Most have familiar relations based in old Mario Party games, but some are entirely original. Some have you lassoing barrels, throwing snowballs, riding skis, or even playing ping-pong and driving mopeds. With the introduction of the Wii remote, most of the games are played by waving, tilting, twirling, or flicking the Wii remote. However, the developers at Hudson have made several games that use the Directional Pad and the 1 and 2 buttons. To do this, you hold the Wii remote just like the original Nintendo’s controller, on its side. Playing Mario Party with these controls has never been more natural. Most of the mini-games are almost completely natural to video gamers. For example, in “Pour to Score,” you must pour sand into a scale. How do you do this? Act like the remote is the container! Tilt it to its side, and it will begin pouring.

Another good point of this game is the option for a tag-team board game. Mario Party 8 is great for multiplayer. However, if you only have two people, you can play a 4-player, every man for himself style game, or you can play a 2-on-2 game. Team yourself up with a friend, and beat the competition in certain mini-games and share stars and coins.

The only bad part of Mario Party 8 is the single player. Star Battle can get old, and it is not too much fun without another person. However, get Mario Party 8, and you will have fun for hours!

Best way to get Spins in 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool games are purely online based game that greatly supports on all android and iOS devices. This game is requested the players to add more numbers of coins or cash for the effective game play. Actually, this is an addictive game and nice to play alone or with your friends or family members from your comfort home. If you look for the ways to add more coins into your game account, you just use this 8 ball pool hack online generator tool. This online hack tool is now widely available on the internet, so you can easily find it with a few clicks of the button.

One of the notable benefits of using this tool is able to get limitless free coins or cash without even download or install any software or applications on your smart phone. Today, there are so many hack and cheat tools available on the internet, but most of them need to download and install the software before using them in your game. Even some tools may ask you to spend your real cash for buying resources. But the specialty of using hack tool for 8 ball pool games are able to produce the countless number of coins and other resources for free. Before using this tool, you should know how to use this tool.

How to get 8 ball pool coins to your game?

When you decide to play 8 ball pool online games, first of all you must have free 8 ball pool spins and coins then transfer them to your game. Getting free coins is very easy by using 8 ball pool hack online tool, but if you want to transfer the coins to your game, you just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you need to connect the device with your PC or laptop on that you are using this tool.
  • Make a connection via a Bluetooth or USB.
  • Now, you can simply type the desired amount of 8 ball pool coins and spins.
  • Next, click on Generate button.
  • After the successful production of targeted spins and coins, now it’s time to transfer these resources to your game.
  • After that, you just click on ok button to get the coins.
  • Now, you restart the game
  • See the results and don’t forget to re-share your feedback.
  • Finally, enjoy the game play of 8 ball pool online games

Get free coins and cash using 8 ball pool hacks?

There are certain ways available to get the resources for your 8 ball pool games. Most of these ways require you spend real money from your pocket. But if you don’t wish to spend your real money, you can simply use the 8 ball pool hack online tool that can connects you with the game and offer you a reliable way to generate the number of quality stuffs for you. If you need any help, you just open the tutorial video that is available on the website.

Hacking in Dragon City

A game is the best way to reduce your stress because it is having wonderful features and gameplay. There are different genre of games are available in online but most of the people are willing to play dragon city game because it is the unique and amazing gameplay game. Most of the adults are addicts to this game and it is supporting all mobile platforms such as iOS and android. Once you are staring to play this game then you can’t able to get rid of from this game because it is designed with the excellent features. Most of the people are provided positive feedback to this game and it is having unique gameplay. Dragon city players have to grow the dragon so that it is helpful to the players during battle. There are vast numbers of dragons are available in this game and each is having unique features and characters. In this game is consisting of more than 500 dragons. So players must grow each dragon more strongly and they have to prepare the food for their dragon. If you are not providing food for your dragon then it will not die but it is not actively participate at the battle. If you are looking to win a game then you must provide sufficient food for your dragon.

Amazing features in the dragon city game

When it comes to the main goal of dragon city game is to hatch, breed, collect the dragons and fight with the other dragons. As well as players must build farm to grow the food and if you are looking to get more numbers of foods then you must upgrade your farm. However players have to use their real world currency to win this game. Of course no one is interested to spend their money for game. But technology has improved a lot so players can get the plenty of resources with the help of dragon city hack. One of the main benefits of choosing this hack tool that it comes with cost effective price. Most of the people are interested to play this game because it is designed in excellent features such as

  • Players must complete the dragon book and it is consisting of more than five hundred dragons
  • They have to unlock the advanced features such as ancient world
  • In a every week each dragon is added to this game
  • They can also fight with the other dragon masters
  • Players might get help from their friends

It is the most popular game and gem is the most important resource in this game because it is the key element for upgrading the items. But getting gem is quiet difficult job because players should spend their real world currency. If you are not ready to spend your hard earned money then you can use the dragon city gem hack. Most of the sites are offered this hack tool but choosing the best one is most important. There is assurance that all sites are offered safe and authorized hack tool because some tools might design with the spyware and malware.

Ultimate benefits of choosing dragon city hack tool

Dragon city is the most popular game and most of the people are interested to play this game because of its game features. In case you are not selecting the best hack tool then it is producing harmful results to your device. But if you are choosing the best hack tool then you can get the below benefits such as

  • It is completely free to use
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  • Free from virus
  • Anti ban security system

One of the main benefits of using this hack tool that it comes with the free of cost and it is instantly produce your desired resources. If you are having more numbers of resources then instantly you can increase your w inning possibility. It is one of the smartest ways to increase your resources because no one is knows you are using hack tools to increase your resources. Most of the top players are using this tool because it is completely free to use so choose the best one.

You can now get Unlimited Diamonds by using the Hay Day Cheats

Hay day is a wonderful game to play in our leisure time. To access the unlimited resources in the hay day you have to spend your money but you will not like to spend money for purchasing an unlimited number of coins and diamonds. To generate an unlimited number of coins and diamonds, you can use the hay day hack tool.

Hay day hack:

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How to get unlimited resources using hay day hack tool?

Hay day is considered to be one of the most wonderful games which are played by a wide array of people in the entire world. If you like to get farming experience then it is best to play the hay day mobile game because the hay day mobile game is a kind of farming game. If you play this wonderful game then it will give the experience of real farm life.

The amounts of resources are playing a major role in the hay day mobile video game. The players will not easily access the unlimited resources so the hay day hack generator has been widely introduced. This hack tool is absolutely free to use and it is available for both the android and iOS devices.

It is easy to generate unlimited resources with the help of the hay day hack generator. This tool will help you to generate an infinite number of gems, gold, coins, and diamonds to your accounts.

Features of the hay day hack tool:

The features of the hay day hack tool are

  • This hack tool is wonderful to use and it is absolutely free to use this tool.
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The hay day diamonds hack tool will turn the players to get the unlimited number of resources to your hay day accounts. Play this wonderful farming game with an infinite number of resources in order to entertain in your free time.


How can a Hack impact your Clash Royale Gameplay ?

The Major Reasons for Clash Royale Hack

In these days people just want to use modern android and iphone devices to access many impressive features like games, social media applications and others. The game is a wonderful option to feel the entertainment. The clash royale is a splendid strategy game in which people can get huge relaxation from tension, stress and others. This game is one of the hard games to play so players struggle to win this game. The hack is not a fair method but it is an excellent way to get the important resources of clash royale game. The clash royale cheats are now making players so easy to win this hard game. Most of players would like to use online based hack tool for safest hacking.

The Importance of Clash Royale Hacking             

Cash royale is a pretty tough game to play but winners can feel more proud in front of others. The winning of clash royale game is now so simple through effective hack tools so they have to find a great hack tool to make victors very easily. The clash royale game hack can help people to get many tough features very simply.

  • The online hack of clash royale is pretty effective in generation of unlimited gems, gold and elixir
  • The online hack never provides any virus and threatening factors
  • The players no need to pay money for generation of resources
  • The players can increase the possibilities of wining

These important reasons can attract most number of players. The clash royale game is very tough to get coins, gems and other elixir. Actually running out of gems and gold make players frustrate so hacking is now highly necessary for players who play the clash royale game. The common players can enjoy these all features at only free of cost so they can avoid unwanted sorrow about game of clash royale game. The players can simply climb to the top of the leader boards by the impressive support of online hack tools. The players have to choose a perfect online hack tool in which players can get any features without any restrictions. The players can have a big chance to claim unlimited gold and gems by using online hack tools. The players can able to change the overall result of game by unlocking effective resources.

What are the changes can happen via Hack Tool          

Hacking is an illegal way but it’s a true gift for every gamer because it helps them to get victory over the games.  The online hack tool of clash royale is a truly a great component which completely changes the results of this exclusive game. This hack tool is now simply available in various gaming websites. They have to choose a perfect hack tool otherwise they can’t unlock the characters and get the resources easily. The clash royale game is simple to hack so players don’t need any worry about anything like unable of getting resources. The players can make a victory without spending money as well as efforts.


How to get a Clash of Clan’s Private Server?

Clash of clans is an old game but that plays a crucial role in the modern world. This game is easy-to-play and it attracts a large number of users because of its simplicity and user satisfaction.

Clash of clans:

Clash of clans is a nice game to play and this game helps to enhance the planning skills of the player. The clash of clan’s game can be played in two kinds of modes that include single player mode and multiplayer mode. In this game, the player must need to spend their real money to access the unlimited gems, gold, elixir, and so on.

Clash of clan’s private server:

Clash of clan’s private server is the best way to access the infinite number of gems and resources in the clash of clan’s without investing your real money. Are you an Android user? Want to download the Clash of clan’s private server to your smartphone? Don’t know how to get a clash of clan’s private server? Don’t feel worse. In this section, I’m going to tell you how to access the clash of clan’s private server?

CoC Private Server

In the modern world, there are plenty of clash of clan’s private server are out there. Those servers come with an infinite number of gems, gold, elixir, and so on.

Moreover, you can easily create your own clash of clan’s private server in a short time.

How to join to the CoC Private server?

Do you like to join to the clash of clan’s private server? Don’t have enough knowledge to join to the private server? Simply follow the below steps to access the clash of clan’s private server.

  • At first, download the clash of clan’s server files.
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • After that, click the (.exe) file to start the CoC private server .
  • Open a command prompt and then type “ipconfig” in the command prompt.
  • After that hit enter.
  • Finally, copy the IPv4 address in the Ethernet adapter local area connection line.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to join to the clash of clan’s private server.

How to get a clash of clan’s private server?

The clash of clan’s private server is available for both the iOS and Android users. So, anyone can easily access the CoC private server.  Simply download the CoC private server file and install the file.

After installing the file, you can easily start playing the game on the private server in just a minute. Playing the clash of clan’s in the private server is 100% safe and secure.

The CoC private server does not affect your real account in any way and with the clash of clan’s private server; you can play the game with unlimited gems and resources.


The CoC private server offers you unlimited access to the features of the game and you can access unlimited gems, gold, and so on. Hence, you can easily save yourself from the enemies.

In this article, we’ve discussed a lot about the Clash of clan’s private server. Enjoy the clash of clan’s game with unlimited gems, gold, and a lot.