Game Review – Race Drivin (SNES)

O THQ, what happened to thou with this game? Race Drivin is a game developed by Atari and produced by THQ for a ton of platforms, not limited to but including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While this game was great in concept, its execution is just… nasty.
Race Drivin doesn’t have a plot or storyline. You, as the player, simply drive around or race depending on the “mode” you choose. The game offers multiplayer (though you must take turns) as well as a stunt mode and a practice lap mode. In stunt mode, you drive your car over giant loop-the-loops and hit large airborn jumps. This is all rather pointless, however, since if you do any of it too quickly, you crash. Moreover, the race mode isn’t much of a race at all; the game is coded so badly that you can go backward and beat the computer by crossing the start line before he crosses the finish line. How ridiculous!

The graphics in Race Drivin are laughable. While admittedly this is the Super NES, other games have much better graphics simply because they don’t try so hard to provide something they can’t on a platform that isn’t capable of providing it. As a 3D racing game, Race Drivin was much too early for its time, and the technology simply wasn’t up-to-speed for a game of this nature to be produced in any good way. That aside, they could have done much better than they did, and they certainly dropped the ball with any real attempt at a game rather than a simulation and a test of the SNES graphical capabilities.

There’s no music in this game apart from generic rock and a 15-second-interval techno beat repeating ad infinitum. The only other sound theme is located at places like the title screen and the vehicle selection screen (of which there are only three, by the way, as well as only three tracks). This game definitely is not a game at all-it’s a simulation. If it was a game, it would have music! The sound effects in the game are iffy, as well-all but a basic “engine revving” sound, as well as some corny crash noises. Otherwise: nada.

The learning curve in Race Drivin is laughable. The only thing I had trouble adjusting to was the terrible viewing radius given to you by the in-game limited windshield. Since your dash is plastered onto 50% of the viewable screen, you’ll be hard-pressed to actually play the game without sitting with your eyeballs three feet from the TV.

In closing, Race Drivin is not a game; it is a simulation. It is simply a test of the SNES graphical capabilities that was branded and released as a game on a number of systems. It received terrible reviews and almost no success after the initial hype was not lived up to, and I definitely agree with everything I’ve ever read about it-overall, Race Drivin is a flat-out worthless game. I’m not even going to bother rating this one.

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