Wedding Themed Video Games

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to plan a wedding, or felt the urge to travel back into time to re-plan yours, a wedding day video game may be something you’d enjoy. The virtual world has opened new doors for brides-to-be, and “brides-that-have-been” in fun video games themed around all the fun aspects of planning a wedding. Wedding day video games allow players to do everything a typical bride and groom would get to do. Some wedding day video games allow users to select the wedding rings and wedding attire, decide on a location, pick out flowers, and much, much more. Other wedding day video games put users in the position of wedding planner, putting all the responsibilities of the big day in YOUR hands, but in a fun and exciting way. Here’s a fun list of wedding day video games that will inspire new ideas and bring back happy memories.
Wedding Dash

Wedding Dash is a wedding themed video game that is available on CD-Rom or computer download. You can play a portion of Wedding Dash for free on gaming websites, such as Shockwave. This video game is suitable for all ages and is a time-management game. Users select from two separate modes of play; Career or Endless Reception.

In Career mode, you play the part of the wedding planner. A brief description of the couple appears on the screen, indicating their preferences. From that brief description, you’ll have to make three quick decisions for the wedding, which may include food for the reception. Honeymoon location, wedding flowers, etc.

The remainder of the game centers around the wedding reception, where you seat the wedding guests, serve the food, deliver wedding gifts, comfort crying guests, and more.

In the Endless Reception mode of Wedding Dash, the game is more fast paced and is entirely centered around the reception portion of “Career mode”. Keep the guests happy, and try to avoid allowing the bride turn into “bridezilla”, where she turns a shade of green and steam comes rolling out of ears. (Actually, a pretty funny sight)

My Fantasy Wedding

My Fantasy Wedding is a wedding themed video game that is available on CD-Rom or computer download. In this video game, players make decision in every aspect of the wedding. Select the tuxedos for groom and groomsmen, dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, and even select and decorate the wedding cake! Other fun decision-making aspects include selecting the location for the wedding, deciding which music to play on the big day, and in this game, players also get to create a beautiful wedding poem.

My Fantasy Wedding is a great game for young girls. Take photos throughout the virtual wedding ceremony, and then place them in the “album”, or print them right off your computer so that you can relive those happy memories of this fun wedding themed video game!

Imagine Wedding Designer

Imagine Wedding Designer is a fun filled wedding themed video game for Nintendo DS. In this game, players get to assume the role of Wedding Planner, and are assigned the responsibility of making all the important choices for the wedding day. There are a total of six brides that players work up to, in a series of different levels throughout the game. After everything from the wedding invitation, location of the wedding, clothing and hair, music, etc., have been selected, the wedding will play out with all the choices the player has selected. Will the wedding be a success, or a flop? If the outcome is favorable, new options will be unlocked such as new wedding dresses, flowers, music, etc., that can be used in future games.

Imagine Wedding Designer also allows players to take virtual pictures of the wedding ceremony, and keep them or print them out. The graphics aren’t the best, but this would make a fun wedding video game for children that own the Nintendo DS gaming system.

Dream Day Wedding

Dream Day Wedding is available on CD-Rom, or computer download. This wedding themed video game is entirely different from the others listed here, as there is absolutely no wedding planning involved. This game is actually a Seek amp; Find adventure that has users hunting for items the bride has requested. The items that have to be located actually have nothing to do with a wedding, and can include everything from chocolate, to a hatchet. Hmmm…. What makes Dream Day Wedding included in the wedding category, is that the pretense of the game goes like this:

You are a friend of Jenny’s, the bride, and she has you driving from location to location (a total of 12) in search of all her hidden wedding items. (a hatchet?) You’ll visit locations such as florists, dress shops, jewelry stores, etc., and search for various items while you are there. Find all 50 hidden bluebirds of happiness and earn special anniversary surprises.

If you are looking for a true wedding themed video game, Dream Day Wedding is really not it. It is, however, a fun “search and find” video game that girls and women of all ages may enjoy.

If you are looking to purchase any of these wedding video games, most can be found at any department store, gaming store, or even online on websites like For computer downloads, Shockwave.comoffers dependable service and sometimes even free trial downloads.


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